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Bead tools 2.JPG (124270 bytes)

HSS Fluted captive ring and bead forming tools
available in 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8"



Mole Part Bowl gouges 1.JPG (112299 bytes)3/8" Angled bowl gouge

“Mole”, Rough hollowing tool and dovetail former

3/32" Fluted parting tool




HSS Fluted captive ring and bead forming tools
available in 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8"  
(1/4" to order only)
Amazingly easy to use the tools will turn the bead with a true cutting action instead of scraping away the wood. The tools will not only turn beads but are also capable of creating captive rings by using the tool on its side to undercut the bead until a ring is formed. By moving the handle in an arc while making the beading cut the tool is able to form a bead smaller than the width of the tool itself, thus a 3/8" beading tool can also be used to form a bead as small as 1/4". 

The tools are easily sharpened by regrinding the 45o top bevel. This will not need to be done often as the tools will cut up to 500 bead forms in between each sharpening, making them ideal for batch production such as light pulls etc.


3/8" Angled bowl gouge
A common problem facing all woodturners is how to maintain control in the bottom of steep sided or narrow bowls. with the angled bowl gouge the cutting edge is moved round at an angle to allow constant bevel contact in those awkward to reach areas. This will allow for a sager cutting action and give a clean finish straight from the tool without the need for scrapers which may risk tearing out the fibres of the wood. Always use this tool with the flute on its side.


“Mole”, Rough Hollowing Tool

And Dovetail Former   3/8”.

As its name suggests, this HSS hollowing tool will burrow through the bulk of the waste wood with extreme efficiency.

The cutting edge is ground to give an all round cutting action so that the tool can be pushed or pulled in any direction removing a substantial amount of wood with each pass. The surface finish can then be refined if necessary using one of the twin position hollowing tools.


The angle of the cutting edge is also correct for forming the dovetailed recess (A) in the base of bowls. Additionally if used on its side the tool will form a dovetailed spigot (B) on the end of a spindle turning etc. ready for mounting in your chuck jaws.

3/32" Fluted parting tool
A must have tool for those making lidded pots and boxes. Its narrow cutting width will allow a finer cut thus giving a better grain alignment between the lid and the base and leave a good surface finish straight form the tool. It is able to cut much faster than it larger rivals due to the narrow cutting width. The tool has waisted sides to provide extra rigidity and prevent the sharp edges underneath from damaging the tool rest.




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