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BCWA tooling is no longer available – this page is for reference only.

Please email bcwa@robchapman.com 



BCWA continue to manufacture the light pull drives in 1mt & 2mt, however all
other items are now discontinued.




6" wood jaw plates, compatible with APTC chucks   OUT OF STOCK

offer lasts until all stocks sold - after which time the item will be discontinued.



OUR POLICY  -  BCWA will not be found at large trade shows, nor do we employ any sales reps or go in for huge glossy advertisements in expensive magazines. By not throwing money at promoting an image the cost of the tools can be held at a minimum, thus saving you money. After all, good tools should sell on their reputation alone. 

BCWA believe that tools should do designed for effectively without compromise and should be made to last. Obviously this sometimes increases the initial cost of the tools slightly but in the long run this not only saves money but increases the enjoyment gained from turning. Perhaps this is why the majority of BCWAís tools are sold by word of mouth and personal recommendations. 

email: bcwa@robchapman.com 






email me at info@robchapman.com