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Light pull drive and mini drive 1MT & 2MT  26.95


Light pull driver and mini drive
This fast and efficient system will pay for itself in no time at all. Drive light pull blanks without slipping due to the mini four prong drive head. The head is relieved behind to allow all round access without the tools contacting the driver. The recent addition of a 5/16 friction drive facility  also makes it a very useful teaching aid for beginners. 1MT & 2MT


6" Wood jaw plates - reduced in price!  Now 16.95

1 1/4" Pinjaws with dovetails

2 1/2" Multi function pinjaws

4" Nylon self turn jaws

Jaws 1.JPG (123534 bytes)Reverse turning jaws 

All jaws featured are compatible with Axminster 4" chucks





2 Multi Function Dovetailed Chuck Jaws, with Two Prong Drive 
Internal and external dovetails give a holding capacity of 2 3/8" - 3" external and 1 7/8" - 2 1/2"  internal. Hold small boxes as well as large bowls. The centre is bored to hold lace bobbins etc. and even morse tapered drivers with square shoulders. Parallel sides 1 1/2" in length act as expanding pin jaws to grip the inside of coffee mills etc. Having this length of step enables the user to gain all round access to the work by moving it further away from the chuck keeping tools and fingers away from chuck edges.

The jaws now include a large 2 two prong drive for securing large work between centres without slipping. Consisting of 2 removable hardened teeth inserted into holes on 2 opposite jaws, and a centre point clamped in the jaws to provide infinite adjustment for both hard and soft woods. With so many functions from one set of jaws is there really any  choice in what to buy. The jaws areJaws no props 1.JPG (102437 bytes) available to fit APTC

1 Dovetailed Expanding Pin Jaws
Essential for any woodturner working natural edged designs they are far superior to conventional pin chucks. Similar to the 2 Multi Jaws they have long parallel sides that firmly grip on the inside of a pre drilled 1 hole. In addition to this they also have internal and external dovetails providing a secure means of holding small bowls and boxes etc. The centre is bored to take miniature items such as lace bobbins. Since there original design they have now been further improved with the addition of a 3 external dovetail fixing for rechucking inside the rim of deep small diameter bowls.





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