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Hollow tool set 1.JPG (134263 bytes)Twin position
hollowing tools/shear scrapers
with cobalt/HSS inserts

available in   5/8" and 3/4" bar sizes  


Swan neck 1.JPG (133978 bytes)3/4” Adjustable swan neck
hollowing tool with 1/4” 
cobalt/HSS insert



Micro 1.JPG (113154 bytes)Micro hollowing tools 
(available as a set of 3 only)





Hollow tool set 1.JPG (134263 bytes)Twin position hollowing tools/shear scrapers

Available in three different bar sizes,  1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4” and 3/4” extra long (18"). These easy to use tools have been designed to give even the novice woodturner the chance to create intriguing hollow vessels through openings as little as 5/8” diameter.

Available either with fitted handles, or unhandled they consist of a cobalt/HSS cutting insert, which will greatly outlast any ordinary HSS tooling, which is secured in a bar of the highest quality steel. The insert has two cutting positions, in line with the bar for general work and deep hollowing (C), and 45o for undercutting around the opening of the vessel and into other restricted spaces (D).

The length of overhang of the cobalt insert form the bar can be adjusted (E) so that only a minimum of radial torque is produced. All insert sizes are directly related to the bar size so that excessive force on the end of the tool is avoided, this has often been a problem with some other makes which use a large scraping disk at the end.

The cutting tip may be rotated in the tool at any angle (F) to produce fine shear scraping cuts when necessary, making them extremely versatile tools for both hollow form and conventional bowl work.              

If only one tool is to be purchased and you are unsure which tool to buy, I suggest starting with either the 1/2” or 5/8” . 

Swan neck 1.JPG (133978 bytes)3/4” Adjustable swan neck hollowing tool with 1/4” cobalt/HSS insert. The tool is based around the traditional swan necked hollowing tools so that for the bulk of the hollowing process the cutting tip can be kept in line with the main shank when required. Yet the swivel action of the head allows the user to extend the amount the tip overhangs the centreline of the tool. This allows the tool to be manipulated inside areas that had previously only been accessible to conventional long reach angled tools.

This new addition to BCWA’s already extensive range of hollowing tools will
prove a worthwhile addition to any woodturners tool kit bringing more adventurous hollowing projects within the reach of even the novice woodturner. While the tool is supplied unhandled only, its ¾” shaft makes it compatible with both the Stewart System and RS 2000 handles.

Micro 1.JPG (113154 bytes)These easy to use tools will allow you turn hollow vessels through amazingly small holes. Available as a set of 3 either unhandled or with fitted beech handles, they consist of a (replaceable) 1/8” HSS/Cobalt insert fitted into a hardened shank. The inserts are set in at the following angles, 0 o for roughing the bulk of the waste, 45 o for hollowing under the opening and 85 o for working the tightest of corners. With a bar size of 5mm (3/16”) they are quite capable of working through a hole as small as  6mm (1/4”).






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